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We offer mobile notary public services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas

About Us

Los Angeles Mobile Notary Service are Public Officials appointed by the State of California offering many types of mobile notary services. It is our mission to make the process of notarizing your documents easy and convenient. These typically entail witnessing the signing of sensitive documents, identifying participants, and administering oaths when necessary. We provide professional, accurate and efficient Notary Public services in the privacy of your home, business or other preferred location.


Notaries are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or draft legal documents. A Notary can only advice on Notarial Acts as per training and obligation by the state they are sanctioned to act as a representative (notary) within. Our Notaries will attempt at answering questions as accurately as possible, but cannot under any circumstance give legal advice.

This constitutes as the following

The Notary signing and notarizing your documents, whether its form is sanctioned or not sanctioned as standard or acceptable by any institution, state, officer, agent, or ward is not responsible for those said institutions, states, officers, agents, or wards process in which they validate or invalidate documentation.

Our professional and well-trained technicians are committed to efficiency and attention to detail to produce an error free experience.

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